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Program: Digital Eco System
Content Agency: Laundry Service

Jordan Training : Breakfast Club Digital 30-Day
Client: Jordan Training
Agency: Deep Focus
Associate Creative Director: David Santana

Design Team: Mathew Mehi & Jisol Lee

Creative Team: Mark Topel, Mike Zulpa, Taylor Smith

UX: Damon Hamm

Jordan Training
Breakfast Club Digital 30-Day

Jordan Training : Breakfast Club Digital 30-Day

Designed to help kids improve their speed, strength and reaction skills for the season ahead.

After digitally subscribing to the 30-day training program, athletes had the opportunity to begin training using the drills and techniques introduced by a collection of Jordan Brand athletes, such as Dez Bryant, Erik Kynard, and Jalen Ramsey.

These digital sessions were delivered directly to the athlete through a Jordan Chatbox® execution, geared toward athletes of all levels who strive to be champions.

Athletes who signed up received sharable notifications with exclusive gear drops throughout the program series. 

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