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ESPN+ Brand Launch

ESPN+ Launch Sizzle

April 2018: ESPN & Disney turn a spotlight on its first direct-to-consumer offering, the live sports and originals streaming service ESPN+.

Within 5 months ESPN+ reached over 1 million paid subscribers. This was achieved  through tight collaboration across Disney Streaming Services multiplatform media teams, technology innovations, and distribution channels, built-in support of streaming needs of tomorrow, today.

Client: Disney Streaming / ESPN+
Agency: ESPN Creative Works / Jelly Fish
Creative Director: David Santana

Design Director: Matthew St. Pierre

Art Director: Katrina Cheban

Motion Director: Frank Lee

Copywriter: Taylor Smith

The Launch of ESPN+

Building a Creative Performance Marketing Platform

A creative team built to keep pace with the editorial speed of live sporting events and the changing landscapes of digital streaming.


With a data-driven approach and close collaboration across brand, marketing, data & technology teams worked to establish marketing products that balanced performance as well as design.

Content-Specific Marketing Landing Site & Subscription Log-In

In-App Paywalls & Featured Content

Marketing Landing Site

Creative, Data & Audiences

Subscription Campaigns

Great creative teams take data, strategy and digital capabilities and turn them into visual and engaging content.

Within our test and learn framework each subscription campaign was uniquely built to capitalize on trends, user and survey info, past performance metrics and a passion for all things sports.

Get To Know ESPN+ Campaign

ESPN+ Audio Promo
00:00 / 00:15

The Rick: Offical Streaming Services

Start Your Free Trial: Campaign

Marketing Landing Site

Dynamic Engagement

Life-Cycle Marketing 

As narratives change good products can swiftly change to take advantage.

Together with life-cycle and ad-ops, creative worked to develop products that could take advantage of pre-existing API's to create creative executed dynamic assets with a focus on Retention, Acquisition and Awareness.

Dynamic Retargeting Display Ads

Dynamic Retargeting

Content Showcase

Question Answer

Sports Specific

Email Marketing

Transactional Email

Welcome Series

Weekly Newsletters

ESPN+ Social & Digital Campaigns

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