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Disney Streaming Services

The Goal: Build a creative team that meets the needs of global brands and passionate fans,
through collaboration, data-driven strategy and
a commitment to our brands and consumers.

Client: Disney Streaming Services
Creative Director: David Santana

Design Director: Matthew St. Pierre

Design Director: Tony Sokolowski

Art Director: Katrina Cheban

Motion Director: Frank Lee

All Footage Property of the Walt Disney Company

From MLB to Mickey,

Growing through Building and Launching the Best Products. 

Creating & learning is at the core of Disney Streaming Services. With each new product release our team built on the success of launches for marquee brands such as NHL.TV, MLB.TV, PGA Tour Live, MLS Live, and ESPN+.


Driving Anticipation in an Always-On World. 

The Disney+ pre-launch campaign was conceived to create product awareness and an eagerness to learn more. Our team relied on close collaboration between PR, brand managers, and product engineers to tease fans. We kept fans up to date through a series of email newsletters, dedicated landing pages, and partner collaborations.


Disney+ Lifts Off
Ushering in a New Era of Entertainment around the globe.

Our collective efforts in building a data-driven and fan-focused performance marketing team lead to over 20 Million paid subscribers in three months. Some fans even pre-subscribed for a full year in eager anticipation.


A Creative Team Built to Produce the Very Best Across any Media.

Together along with partners across the Walt Disney Family, our multi-talented creative team strategized, designed, produced, and continues to maintain the digital marketing needs of some of today's most watch brands.

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