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Benny & Phil

Nothing sparks up great conversation like a good meal, and for these two best friends — Benny & Phil — mealtime is the perfect time to bark up. Benny & Phil was an instant success, with over 30 millions collective views in less than six months, and a mix of over 40 trend-based videos and gifs created weekly. We must have barked up the right tree, as we were signed on for Season 2.

Client: Purina Pet Care / Beneful
Agency: Deep Focus
Creative Director: Hillary Fabian
Associate Creative Director: David Santana

Design: David Santana / Jessie Lee

Video Editor: Alex Grybauskas

Agency Producer: Melissa Brown

Director: Mark Celentano / Compulsive Pictures


GIF Series

Game of Bones
National Dress Up Your Pet Day
Ant Man
SNL 40th Anniversary
Happy Holidays
Dogs Of Instagram
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